Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

Medtronic Guardian Real-Time

The Medtronic Guardian® REAL-Time

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Leading the way in continuous, 24-hour glucose monitoring, the Guardian REAL-Time System from Medtronic offers new levels of protection, confidence, and freedom.

REAL-Time Display

The REAL-Time display gives you added protection and confidence 24 hours a day. REAL-Time Trend Graphs, Trend Arrows, and Glucose Readings help you understand the impacts food, exercise, and medication have on your glucose levels, so you can learn to better manage your diabetes.

3 Layers of Protection for Added Confidence

The Guardian REAL-Time System gives you 3 layers of protection with 3 different kinds of alerts you can adjust to suit your needs. You can use all or just one of these alerts to protect yourself from oncoming lows and highs

Protection Fingerstick Testing Can't Provide

Fingersticks give you hints — your Guardian REAL-Time System tells the whole story. By itself, a fingerstick can only tell you what your glucose level is at that moment in time. A high or low that happens between fingersticks can easily be missed — and 60% of lows may not be revealed by fingersticks at all.

With the Guardian REAL-Time System, you'll always know what your glucose level is, which way it's heading, and how fast it's heading there. And as you approach your glucose limits, you'll be warned in plenty of time to take action.

Continuous glucose monitoring detects 4 times more dangerous highs and lows than fingersticks alone, and can significantly reduce your A1C levels, compared with fingersticks alone. And since you also get direction and rate of change information, you'll be able to see patterns and possible problems that fingersticks might miss.

It Won't Cramp Your Style

The Guardian REAL-Time System goes anywhere you go, no matter how active your lifestyle. The monitor is small, comfortable, and easy to wear — on your belt, in your pocket, or under your clothing. The tiny glucose sensor is discreet, easy to insert, and virtually painless. It connects directly to the small (about the size of a quarter) MiniLink™ REAL-Time Transmitter, which wirelessly sends your glucose data to the monitor. The MiniLink REAL-Time Transmitter and glucose sensor are waterproof when connected, allowing you to shower, bathe, and engage in water activities.

Is It Right For You?

Talk to your healthcare provider today to see if the Guardian REAL-Time System is right for you. The Guardian REAL-Time System is approved for all patients ages 7 years or older who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. There are two models: one for patients ages 7 to 17, and one for patients 18 years and older. Ask your doctor which one is right for you. A prescription is required from your health care provider for the Guardian REAL-Time System. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Real-Time CGMS Starter Kit


DexCom New Seven Plus


The DexCom™ New SEVEN PLUS
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Think of it as a Personal Diabetes GPS!(Glucose Protection System)

Your glucose is constantly in motion and constantly changing. And the SEVEN PLUS is on the job 24/SEVEN — continuously measuring your glucose, giving you valuable dynamic glucose information, like where you are and where you’ve been. Plus, change arrows help show you where you’re headed and how fast you’re going there. This is something fingersticks alone could never tell you. Like a car’s GPS system that leads you down the right path, the SEVEN PLUS can help show you the way to better diabetes control.

SenSync™ from DexCom Is Future-Ready, Today!

The new Seven PLUS Transmitter is the communication link for working with future technologies, such as insulin pumps. The DexCom Sensor is the smallest Sensor available — about the size of 2 human hairs. The DexCom Sensor is a round, comfort-design, making it flexible, comfortable, and body-friendly.

And it’s the only Sensor FDA-approved for up to 7 days of wear — meaning less hassle and more freedom. The SEVEN PLUS also offers a host of unparalleled features and easy-to-use functions. It’s the easy choice.

Why Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is the new standard that has gained acceptance among diabetes experts as an effective tool to help people achieve these diabetes goals:

Between The Lines™ — Improving diabetes management

Over a decade ago, a landmark study called the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial — the largest study of its kind — revealed the importance of good glucose control. And now new, large-scale studies are revealing even more improvements in glucose control with the use of CGM technology. A recent study has shown that people who were considered to be in "good control" showed distinct improvements in time spent within their target zone while using a DexCom CGM device. And subjects who were considered to be in "poor control" before the study, had even more impressive improvements with a 70% increase in time they spent in their target zone.

Revealing unnoticed highs and lows

A CGM device can call attention to highs and lows that you may often experience, but not recognize. Sometimes people have "hypoglycemia unawareness" — they no longer feel their symptoms of going low. And some people are also unable to feel symptoms of high glucose. Over time, frequently swerving outside of your target range can lead to severe consequences, such as damage to your nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

The SEVEN PLUS is available now

Pumps It is proud to be an authorized DexCom™ distributor. If you have any questions about the SEVEN PLUS, please feel free to contact us.


DexCom Seven Sensors

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