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Pumps It, Inc. is deeply committed to the diabetes community at all levels, including the national and state levels. And at the local level, we are actively involved.

Texas Lions Camp

Pumps It is proud to be an active sponsor of Texas Lions Camp, a camp for children with type 1 diabetes, physical disabilities, and cancer. Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Texas Lions Camp introduces children dealing with special medical conditions to the "Can Do" philosophy.

Children with special needs from all over the State of Texas are invited to attend a week of fun, exploration and challenge, which is destined to become one of their life-long childhood memories. Click here for more information about the Texas Lions Camp.

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Camp Hertko Hollow banner

Camp Hertko Hollow is a camp in Iowa especially for kids who just happen to have diabetes. It's a wonderful place where kids can have a ton of fun, and learn about managing their diabetes at the same time! While enjoying traditional camp activities and learning about living with diabetes are primary goals, meeting other kids and counselors who have diabetes is also a great benefit from the experience. Located along side of the Des Moines River, Camp Hertko Hollow was founded in 1968 by Dr. Edward Hertko. That first year, they had just 37 campers. Now more than 360 campers attend each summer. For more information, visit the Camp Hertko Hollow website.

Pumps It, Inc. is extremely proud to be a sponsor of Camp Hertko Hollow.

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