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The New England Journal of Medicine recognized the health insurers critical role in helping patients attain better glucose control through the use of pump therapy, "...the health care system should provide the support necessary to make intensive therapy available to those patients who will benefit."

Pumps It, Inc. specializes in insulin infusion pumps and follow-up support for pump candidates. We also provide a 24-hour Hotline to assist pump users with questions. In many instances the Hotline assistance resolves common questions and problems without the necessity for a visit to the physician's office — a direct savings to the patient and your organization, all at no additional cost. Superior service after the sale of the pump distinguishes Pumps It from other vendors.

Pumps It Service Includes

Health Provider Coordination

At Pumps It, we believe that our programs and pricing structure meets all health insurers standards and provide a high quality of care and services for every individual. Through the use of insulin pump therapy, complications associated with diabetes are reduced by better blood glucose control. This reduces patient costs and may reduce or eliminate lengthy hospitalizations.

At the present time, the insulin pump is the best tool available for achieving normal blood sugars. Infusion pump therapy closely mimics normal insulin releases from the pancreas and provides for closer control that can be accomplished by 3 or 4 injections per day.

The importance of better blood sugar control was confirmed in the landmark Diabetes Control and Complications Test (DCCT). Although the DCCT was limited to people with Type I diabetes, diabetes specialists believe these results apply directly to Type II diabetes as well.

Our diabetes team consists of Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, and Certified Diabetes Educators. Our team has many years of experience in the diabetes business. We are truly experts in our field, and Pumps It offers advanced services well beyond that of our competitors.

While we service national accounts, our staff is designed to assist regional insurers with our specialized knowledge and training.