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Insulin Pumps

What do I do with my pump when I go to bed?
Your pump will take care of itself. Place it in a pocket or clipped to a waistband. It can even be left beside you on the bed. If you sleep with pets, make sure they can’t chew on the tubing.

What about during those intimate times?
If you are using an infusion set with a quick-disconnect feature (most are), you can temporarily disconnect from your pump (one hour max). If you are using a set that does not disconnect just leave it lying on the bed or clip it to something you may be wearing.

I am an active person in sports. Will a pump interfere with my lifestyle?
Your insulin pump is designed to help you optimize your blood sugar control at all times, even when you exercise or are active in sports. You can get additional protection for your pump with a variety of case options. With modern infusion sets, you can also disconnect from the pump for short periods of time (no longer than 1 hour).

What type of insulin is used in an insulin pump?
Insulin pumps use rapid-acting insulins such as lispro, aspart and glulisine. Because the pump delivers tiny amounts of insulin every few minutes, longer-acting insulins are not necessary.

Pumps and Sensors

How do I reinforce my infusion set and/or sensor adhesion?
Here are ways you can keep your set and sensor in place:

  • Clean your skin to remove any traces of lotion, oils, etc.
  • Use a skin adhesive like Skin Tac or Mastisol on your skin, under the tape.
  • Use a dressing, such as IV 3000, directly on the skin and insert your set or sensor directly through it.
  • Use unscented roll on antiperspirant on your skin and leave an untreated spot through which you will insert the set/sensor (you don’t want to force the antiperspirant under your skin when you insert). Allow the antiperspirant to dry before applying tapes or inserting set/sensor.

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