You won’t hear this from a lot of medical equipment suppliers, but it’s true – there’s no one “right way” to order your diabetes supplies.

Every diabetes patient is different and the “right way” to order your products is as individual as you are.

Lots of our customers love the ease and convenience that comes with automatically reordering their products.

Is “Auto-Reorder” right for you?

Here’s how it works:

  1. As a customer, you’re already signed up to reorder. We contact you about 3 weeks before your supply is scheduled to run out to remind you to reorder. We remember for you!
  2. If you don’t want to be contacted beforehand, simply sign up for “Auto-Reorder.” We’ll skip the phone call and ship your supplies as soon as they’re scheduled to run out.
  3. You’ll receive an email notifying you once your order has shipped, as well as the tracking number so you can follow its progress.

Yes, it’s that quick and easy! But here’s our friendly advice – you should only sign up for “Auto-Reorder” if you consistently order the same product.

If you prefer the personal touch or have other products you’d like to order, you shouldn’t sign up for “Auto-Reorder.” We call you regardless to touch base and make sure you’re getting everything you need. If you know what you want but need to order it after normal business orders, we have online ordering as well.

At Pumps It, we believe the personal service we offer is just as important as the products we provide. So we pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible for you to order the products you need, whatever way is most convenient for you.

Is “Auto-Reorder” right for you?┬áContact us or speak to your Patient Advocate to find out more.